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Our Offers

At Fedab Property Management Company, we partner with Nigerians in diaspora, property owners and potential investors in setting an agenda for the standard of maintenance and building services. With a 100% transparency and up-to date accessibility, progress is made available. We offer a wide range of Real Estate and construction services to curb funds diversion and enhance real estate investment.

Estate Development

We develop estate lands for clients in Nigeria and those living abroad. Our service accommodates services for mini-Estate and Mass housing and ensure the legalization/perfection of documents of subscribers. Our mission is to provide affordable and sustainable housing solutions for our clients abroad.

Insure Properties

We insure all our client’s properties in a reputable insurance company against Fire and special peril and all other risk to protect our client’s assets. To insure properties means to protect them from damage or loss by purchasing an insurance policy.

Planning /Monitoring both during construction/post construction

We ensure the construction is according to the building Plan and the bill of quantity is optimized. Our client’s dream house is our responsibility as we do not compromise standard. Planning and monitoring are critical aspects of construction, both during and after the construction process.

Interface with contractors on behalf of clients.

Interface with contractors on behalf of clients means to act as an intermediary between the client and the contractor during a construction or renovation project. As an interface, you would be responsible for managing the communication, coordination, and collaboration between the two parties, ensuring that the project is completed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the client.

Construction services/Supervision till completion

We offer construction management services in any state of your choice and provide reliable contractors and ensures delivery of quality construction even in a most challenging environment. We provide this service through our professional contractor’s or our client’s appointed contractor.

Property Management

We assist our clients both home and abroad in managing their properties both commercial and residential properties. We exceed our clients’ expectation by maximizing the value of their property in cost effective way (through renting, lease, development etc ) in achieving optimal return on their investment.

Process all relevant land documents including building approval

Such as Certificate of Occupancy, Right of Occupancy, Deed of Assignment/Power of Attorney, Sublease, Governor’s consent etc . This is done by Researching local regulations in processing land documents and building approvals is to research the local regulations that govern the process. This will help you understand the requirements and deadlines involved.

Broker Land/property transaction (Negotiation) between parties

We represent clients in identifying genuine property based on our client’s specification and stands as broker between the seller and the buyer.

Land Document Verification/Purchase

Land document verification service is a service that verifies the authenticity and legality of land-related documents, such as property titles, deeds, and surveys. The purpose of land document verification is to ensure that the documents related to a particular piece of land are valid, accurate, and legally binding. This verification process helps to prevent fraud, disputes, and other issues that can arise from incorrect or fraudulent documentation.

Real Estate Advisory

We offer the best services on property related issues before, during and after purchase. Our advise ranges from location, return on investment etc. We provide answers on how to acquire land for example, Government allocation, individual purchase, family land and corporate acquisition. 

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